Big Deer Contest

2019 Deer contest 

All contestants MUST be signed up by 12 Midnight on Nov 8th

Weigh in dates and times of contest are Nov 9th – Dec 3, 4 PM – 7 PM.

Adult Division

1st place may choose gun or free shoulder mount provided by TET

whichever is not chosen by the first-place winner will automatically
be the 2nd place award.

2nd place see above.

3rd place will receive a Scheels $100 gift card.

Youth Division

1st place may choose gun or free shoulder mount provided by TET whichever is not
chosen by the first-place winner will automatically be the 2nd place award.

2nd Place see above.

3rd Place will receive a Scheels $100 gift card.


Antler Score Division

There will be one prize for this division. Highest gross scoring antler will receive a Scheels
$100 gift card. All deer weighed for weight contest will be scored and entered in the
antler portion of contest. All contestants, even if they have won another prize will also
be allowed to win this division.  


Contest Rules

  1. All deer must be weighed or scored at Trails End Taxidermy
    310 West main St. Rice Mn. No Exceptions!

  2. All deer must be legally tagged by contestant.

  3. Weigh in times and dates are 4PM – 7PM Nov 9 – Dec 3

  4. All deer must be field dressed with no lung matter or heart inside.

  5. In case of a tie on the weight, largest rack by score will determine first place.

  6. No out of state deer. Only MN deer allowed.

  7. No high fence or pen raised deer. No ear tagged or tattooed animals are eligible.

  8. All deer must be taken within rules governed by the state of MN

  9. To enter contest, you can sign up at Trails End Taxidermy or on our website

  10. All deer must be weighed no later than 7pm Tuesday evening after the last day of the rifle season.

  11. For the antler scoring portion of contest we will use the SCI scoring system. There will be NO deductions given. It scores what it grew. Only measurements taken at TET will be used. No exceptions.

  12. Winner of firearms will have 30 days to collect their winning item at Scheels in St Cloud MN.

  13. For every 100 people who enter the contest another gun will be added to contest to be given away.

  14. Loyalty prize…Gun to be determined. If you win the contest and remain loyal for 5 years you will be in a 5-year contest with your winning deer’s weight. Top 5 contestants’ weights will determine the winner. So, you have a chance at winning another gun every 5 years, If first place winner defaults on entering one year, second place for the year missed will step up and take their place, etc. etc.

    Doe DivisionHeaviest   Doe  Wins 1/2 Steel Pig Target with Tannerite pockets.... $600 value

    Click Here for full Legal Rules 

Contest Fee is $20
Enter name and phone, then click add to cart.  To enter additional names click continue shopping in the upper right on the Paypal page to come back and add other names.

I understand that by entering my name I am agreeing to the contest rules as defined HERE

Trails End Taxidermy is now the official taxidermist of the MN DAV

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